Eat This: (Sic) Cake Misquotes

Let them eat cake; I just lost my appetite.

Before completely losing her head, Marie Antoinette was widely misquoted referring to cake.  What do others have to say when we misquote them about cake?

Electoral Cakes…

Hillary Clinton: It’s my turn to eat cake.

Donald Trump: Make cake great again.

Bernie Saunders: Don’t Bern the cake.

Party Cakes…

The Republicans: We’ll have our cake, and eat yours, too.

The Democrats: Let the Republicans take the cake, since we are the only alternative for the cakeless.

Libertarians: Let us each eat our own cake without any regulation or government interference.

Progressives: Let us rebuild the public cake-making facilities.

Greens: Let them eat cake baked in a sun oven, or by solar, or another alternative technology adopted by a 2/3 vote.

Historic Cakes…

Karl Marx: Inevitably, we will all share the cake.

The Soviets:  The state will own the cake until the people are ready to share the cake.

Boston Tea(cake) Partiers: No cake taxation without cake representation.

The US Constitutional Framers: Let us be one big cake made up of smaller cakes, and may all cake be free.

Diet Cake…

Paleo Dieter: Best not to eat cake.

Don’t let the party stop here! Please share your favorite cake misquote.


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